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Fires of Revival will host the Radical About Jesus Healing School this spring.

The school begins on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 6:00 pm at the Fires of Revival Church building at 902 S. McLeansboro in Benton, IL.

The school includes six classes – all on consecutive Tuesday nights, ending on March

Classes will include instruction on all facets of healing covered in God’s Word and will answer common troubling questions such as the following:

Is is always God’s will to heal everybody?
What part does medical science play in God’s healing plans?
Isn’t man promised only 70 or 80 years of life on the earth?
Is it God who determines when each person dies?
If it’s God’s will to heal everyone, why do so many people fail to receive healing?
If I don’t have faith for healing, can I get that faith somehow?

The teacher is 40-year veteran minister Sandra Pavloff Conner, who has taught the Word of God and ministered God’s healing power to generations of people. Sandra will share revelation from the Word and personal testimonies of God’s amazing healing grace.

The final session of the healing school will be devoted to personal ministry for each person who desires it.

Each student needs to bring his personal Bible and a pen.

All sessions and all instructional materials are free.


Registration may be by phone or e-mail. See below.

Even students who can attend only some of the sessions still need to pre-register before the starting date.

For more information or to register for the Spring Healing School,  use the following phone and e-mail:

Phone: (618) 988-9292  — This phone number used for registration only.

E-mail:  firesofrevivalministries@gmail.com

You will find an e-mail form on our Contact Us page.