Our Ministry Staff


PASTORS: Reverend Dean and Ethel Severin


Pastor Dean has spent over 40 years in the ministry of Jesus Christ, and has pastored Fires of Revival Church in Benton, Illinois, for the past 20 years.

Raised in a Spirit-filled family of eleven and taught to walk and live by faith, he also sat under the ministry of A. A. Allan and graduated from Allen’s Miracle Valley Bible College in Arizona. Pastor Dean has taught in three Bible colleges and served as Dean of Men and an evangelism teacher for R. W. Shambach at East Texas Bible College in Tyler, Texas.

He has done extensive missionary work in Mexico, Canada, and Puerto Rico, and served as missionary to the North American Indians, and a Bible instructor at Cortez Colorado Indian Bible College.

Sister Ethel, who met the Lord and experienced His miraculous intervention in her life while living in New York City, joined Brother Dean shortly after he took the pastorate of the church. She is anointed to share revelation from God’s Word and to counsel individuals in applying God’s Word for personal recovery.



Exif JPEGAssociate Minister: Sandra Pavloff Conner

Sandra has been a minister of the Gospel for over 40 years. She is anointed to teach God’s Word and minister in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. She is also the author of numerous Christian books, both fiction and non-fiction, and is the founder of Radical About Jesus Ministries.



AMY VOYLES. B & WChurch Secretary & Counselor – Amy Voyles

Amy gave her heart to God at age 9, but fell in love with Him at age 32. Since that time, she has been reaching out to hurting people, primarily through one-on-one ministry. Her main outreach is focused on helping women find their place in God’s kingdom through
prayer and the Word of God.



Praise & Worship Leaders / Children’s Ministry Directors: Jared and Michelle Jackson

JACKSON FAMILYJared and Michelle Jackson, along with their seven children, lead praise and worship at Fires of Revival and serve in several other capacities as well. Jared and Michelle are both graduates of The International Children’s Ministry Institute in Litchfield, IL, and will soon be creating and directing a new children’s ministry at Fires of Revival. They served in All nations Worship Center and Latter Rain Ministries in Litchfield for ll years, and they were active on missions teams to Mexico, Central America, Russia, India, and a number of African nations. A home-schooling mother of their seven children, Michelle is also active in teaching and performing in worship arts. The whole family is involved in evangelistic outreach and they also perform a dramatic interpretation of the song “He Is,” which identifies Jesus in every book of the Bible.

Meet the children:


All of our staff have committed themselves to the Lord Jesus Christ and to His Church – all true believers. The primary goal of each minister at Fires of Revival is to help everyone they come into contact with to know God more fully and to receive all the marvelous blessings He has already provided for everyone who will receive. All the members of our ministry team make themselves available for personal ministry, whenever the need arises, and they are easily accessible. Contact any one of them at the following e-mail: firesofrevivalministries@gmail.com.  In the subject line, please include the individual name of the minister you wish to contact.

An e-mail form is available on our “Contact Us” page.