Our Mission

Our mission is to tell the world that, in Jesus Christ, God has forgiven their sins, provided healing for their bodies, and offered them life with Him for eternity. Just as Jesus Christ went everywhere teaching, preaching, and healing, it is our purpose to do likewise. In that purpose we endeavor both to reach those who do not yet know Jesus and to embrace, encourage, and exhort those who do know Him, so that they will grow even stronger in the knowledge and grace of the Lord.

We consider it our privilege to love every man, woman, and child the way Jesus loves them and to impart the Word of God to them in such a way that it changes their lives. We endeavor to lead all people to a saving faith in Jesus Christ, a full baptism in His Holy Spirit, and a clear understanding of God’s Word for their everyday lives. Through fervent prayer, anointed teaching of the Word, and ministry by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, we are working to cast down imaginations, pull down strongholds, and establish God’s Kingdom throughout the Body of Christ and the world.


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