God’s Prescription for Healing from Matthew 8 & 9






‘Healing Is For You!’ Now Available in Paperback from Amazon

HEALING AMAZON BOOK COVER - FRONT ONLY w. shadow“HEALING IS FOR YOU!” by Sandra Pavloff Conner is now available in paperback on Amazon. Special low price: $6.99. It has been available in digital format, but paperback versions were available only at bookstores and from the publisher’s website until now. The new fourth edition went into the Amazon bookstore this week

The book is an in-depth study of the subject of healing based solely on God’s Word. It answers many of the most common questions about healing, such as the following:

Is it always God’s will to heal everyone?
If it’s God’s will to heal, why do some people fail to receive their healing?
What part does medical science play in God’s healing plan?
Is it God who determines when each person dies?
If I keep getting healed, how can I die?
If I don’t have faith for healing, is there some way to get that faith?

Sandra has been teaching God’s Word for over 40 years, and the Lord has blessed her to minister in the subject of healing in churches, schools, and seminars for most of that time. She conducts healing schools several times a year and serves as an associate minister here at Fires of Revival in Benton, IL.

Enjoy the book trailer below, and find out more at the Amazon bookstore.




F.F. Bosworth’s Book ‘Christ the Healer’ Read on Video

F.F.Bosworth was a powerful evangelist of the 20th century. God used him to bring the Gospel of redemption and healing to a world of hurting people. His book “Christ the Healer” has long been considered one of the paramount classics on the subject of healing, and Bosworth’s son has made the content of that book available on video. He reads the entire text of his father’s book on a series of videos available through YouTube, and you can pick up the link to the whole series from the video below: